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Week of January 23, 2022

"It's Really About Living"

1.  Why Evangelize?

     1.1.  Matt 28:18-20

     1.2   Matt 22:37-39

2.  How to Evangelize

     2.1.  Acts 22:15

3.  An Evangelistic Lifestyle

     3.1.  1 Cor 1:3

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1.  Introduction ~ today we’ll continue to talk about our call to evangelize

     1.1.  the definition: telling others about the mercy & grace of God  

     1.2.  we all know we’re supposed to be doing this Luke 24:46-48 

2.  Context ~ is it worth the effort, hostility, & expense to do this?

     2.1.  our commission is found in Matt 28:18-20 

             2.1.1.  we are telling people about a gift that God gives Eph 2:8 

3.  So We Tell the Story ~ just like Paul told his story Acts 22:1-2 

4.  That Hasn’t Changed ~ if you stop to think about it, it is the same for us 

     4.1.  the life we speak about is mediated through the Spirit Titus 3:4-7 

             4.1.1.  this was the message Ananias delivered Acts 9:15 

     4.2.  it was a demonstration of the wonder of God’s love Rom 5:8 

5.  Paul the Witness ~ points people to Jesus Acts 22:12-13 

     5.1.  Paul’s calling became clearer over time Acts 22:21  Acts 1:8 

6.  The Work of a Witness ~ needs to be explored a bit 2 Cor 5:18 

     6.1.  so how do we go about becoming witnesses? Gal 5:25 

             6.1.1.  to walk in the Spirit is a life of surrender to Jesus

7.  But Wait, There’s More ~ obeying our call starts w/being a witness

     7.1.  we pray for the privilege of leading someone to the Lord

             7.1.1.  then the work really begins, we teach them to be disciples

             7.1.2.  the good news is the task doesn’t rest on you alone

8.  Application ~ this is not about learning the Roman Road  

     8.1.  this isn’t about soul winning techniques or strategies

     8.2.  this is about a lifestyle that’s open to divine appointments  

             8.2.1.  we’re talking about listening to the prompting of the Spirit 

               we do this by walking in the Spirit by faith

     8.3.  we have experienced something astounding Ps 103:11-12 

             8.3.1.  this only possible because of Jesus Col 2:13-14 

     8.4.  we aren’t sharing to add notches on our belt or for acclaim

             8.4.1.  we talk about Jesus because of love, His & ours

             8.4.2.  we love Him… & we love people, so we tell them about Him 

                that means we stop worrying about ourselves


For Contemplation:

What can I do to become a better witness to the love shown through Jesus?


Homiletical Idea:

We are called to be witnesses.


For Prayer:

Father, guide into a life that naturally demonstrates Your love.